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Our Mission

We have a passion for helping people.

Our passion is helping people achieve financial success through education, goal identification and a customized plan.  There is no one size fits all investment plan or investor.

We will be your teammate on this financial journey as we sit down with you or your family on a one-on-one basis to understand the goals that are important to you and create a personally tailored plan.  We take into account your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and continuously raise questions to test the strategy we put in place so that you can move forward with confidence. 

We believe financial education is critical, so we coach clients of all experience levels through the planning process to ensure they are equipped with the understanding and financial knowledge they need to make informed choices.  Financial decisions and discussions, including those as you approach or enter retirement, have the potential to stir up emotions and even fears along with plenty of questions. Our objective is to help take the emotion out of financial decision-making, reducing your burden of worry. We’re here to answer your questions and talk through how current events could be affecting your plan; to restore balance and help you maintain your focus on your long-term goals. 

Brittany enjoys working with all types of individuals but has built an extra layer expertise when planning for the following individuals;

Educators, Small business owners including self-employed individuals, and those eligible for social security.  Brittany maintains an avid dedication as a female advisor in a male dominated field to bring a different perspective to planning and commitment to helping women achieve financial success.  These areas of focus have lead to her CSSCS designation and ongoing relationships throughout her career with public school systems including Jefferson Co. Public School as a 403b provider and expert in pension planning as well as  local credit union, Class Act Credit Union. 

One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

Our Process

Our Process

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

Our History

Our History

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

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